Future Man

You can tell Seth Rogan had something to do with this NooB cocaine fueled comedy.. 

So i'm in to the heroes that have huge faults.... fuck superman and Clark Kent while we are at it. Let's learn from Iron Man a.k.a Tony Starks drinking issue. Who has not been there? So when I came across this little gem, I had no idea where I was headed. I knew it was a "joe shmo" thrown into the lime light but I didn't expect to bing the shit out of it. It was my " I'm about to fall asleep and I need something to put me to sleep" noise. That's right a noise!! What I got was ... everything I want in any show ever when I close my eyes and want to believe I can be sucked into a alt reality and the worlds fate falls on my shoulders after I pass the last check point and boom.. and gal with purple hair and side kick with a soft spot for cooking and cocaine appear.