The Big Sick

"I only have sex once on the first date"

I have a bone to pick with Amazon Prime Video, I was always a fan of Kumail Nanjiani but who the fuck is Zoe Kazan and can you please tell me where to find her because I filled out an imaginary police report at my made up local police dept because I saw it happen, not only did she steal the show from Kumaji and Ray Romano while being half asleep ( or in a induced coma, same thing..) she took off with my fucking heart. 

Sum it all up a must watch for a date night or a "not by choice singles only night" or maybe a " wasn't invited anywhere on the weekend I should explore this town but Im just going to watch a few movies instead" night and lastly it's perfect for "I just need to believe in love again" kinda day. Enjoy. 

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