An Artist That Can Create, Strut, Take A Drag and Run From The PoPo.. Never Gets Enough Credit. 

Frank is not your ordinary Artist or at least when I would hang with him daily a few years back he was not your ordinary human. All Art aside, I've seen this guy crash a Moped into a stone wall ( ok maybe didnt see it but heard it), find a way to use a Taco Cabana as a get out of jail free card, and trademark a phrase using a single word repeated three times, "Strut Strut Strut!" 

The one thing you could always feel when you got to know FrankArt and dive into his world was amongst all the shit, the trash, the wild nights, the "oh fuck" moments he had a real calmness about him. He made sense of the world using anything he could find to push creation to its limits in his two bedroom apartment. 

I feel sad for this town, we lost one of good ones and to Philly of all places!! But I hear they got way more shit to make sense of over in the town of brotherly love. 

Take a Peak at FrankArt's Site