Lauren Bruno

Not Much In This World Makes You Feel Anything Anymore. Her Art Does. 

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, pass Oltorf and through Wickersham, and through Central City USA, I found myself on the edge of The University of Texas at Austin on a stormy night and right outside the old ACL theater. Some how worlds collided and I was at the right place at the right time for the premiere of the latest episode of Art in Context  by Mario Troncoso

I walked in thinking the night wouldn't get much better than the free popcorn and drinks ( it was fucking amazing popcorn). Then the lights dimmed, the episode aired over the projection screen to a full house and by the end of the episode I think we all had the same feeling.  This human is a magical unicorn who honed in on Jedi like powers and mixed her musical ability and the drive found in a old chevy bronco to create an act that makes you fucking feel something.

That night she took to the stage and when she played the first key, I knew I would have to grab my GoPro and like the bad ass i am, fight security ( no security guards were harmed because none were found) to get the right camera angle ( its a horrible shot but her talent makes up for it ) and record the act she names, LES RAV ( take a look) .

Over the years, i've seen this music artist expand her arsenal of weapons to include other musical acts ( SLOOOM),  acting, directing,  modeling, and starting her own production agency, SHAPE and to not fuck around with your time, but it's good, sometimes award winning, other times her vision makes you push yourself to understand wtf is going on but it catches you and it keeps you and when you break free, when you digest just feel it in your bones. This human is an Artist.   

So watch your ass and keep an eye on this human, she tends to come out of nowhere and knock the shit out of you.. in a good way. 

Take a listen to Les Rav on BalconyTV

SLOOOM & Dancinatra - CONTROL

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