Marvel  Entertainment at it again and If you know me, I  eat that shit up all day every day! So I jumped on this when I saw it pop up on Hulu 

I didn't know to much about the plot line for this comic but I figured it's about teens running away from their parents or the world and they may or may not have powers. I was kinda right.

So I guess I can relate to this storyline. My parents are also super villains ( I didn't catch them sacrificing a homeless teen in a cult act but tomatoes tomato), I think I may have super powers ( the power to not know you have powers is the greatest power of all ) but with having so much to relate to this storyline i'm still up in the air about "The Runaways." I'll give it until my Hulu trial account ends to see if its worth tracking or binge watching on some random day i'm not paying attention to whats on in the background. 

Watch The Runaways Trailer