Music that will kill you inside

I'm always late for the train, the bus, the Lyft, the party, reservations, the celebrations, to wish you happy birthday and add Karen O's album CRUSH SONGS. 

I was working my day job, (that's right mother fuckers, I have a day job this shit don't pay cash money) taking a nice stroll down to TOY mother F'n Joy ( great local business, lovely people) during my lunch hour as I often do and decided I'm going to take a recommendation from my Flipboard feed and just dive into this 19 minute album made up of... fucking emotion. I hate feeling shit... but I love feeling it from certain artist ( Lauren Bruno, Frank Art.. ). 

What I found.. what I fucking found.. I don't think I'll ever be the same. I really hope you get the chills from this shit. You can thank me later. 


If you don't feel something.. you may have a case of alexithymia 

(don't forget you heard something was wrong with you here first)