"The Lords of Portland" defeated the "Anatomy of the Ghost" in an epic battle for your ear drums. 

What are they putting in the water up in Alaska? I've been following John Gourley and Zach Carothers ( both from Alaska) for some years now. First with the sounds they brought with Anatomy of the Ghost ( "At The Drive In" kinda sound) the 2002 version of me in fucking sand town USA ( west Texas) was all about it. Sadly, not all bands make it and this one didn't. RIP 2004

2006 comes around and word on the non paved streets of west texas ( actually rumors coming from cowboys riding from town to town bc thats how we got news in Texas in 2009) is that members of Anatomy of the Ghost started a new project called Portugal the Man.

The internet was shitty back then and shittier in the middle of nowhere but I got my hands on a copy of their album "Waiter: You Vultures!" and life changed. To this day, they are one of a select few that I look forward to backtracking and re-listening to whole albums for months at a time prepping for their shows.  It also doesn't hurt that these guys are super fucking nice dudes with big hearts. 

So just FYI while other bands get RIP dates, these guys may be around for a long time and if they are new to you.. you are so fucking lucky to hear them for the first time. 

PORTUGAL THE MAN SITE  - If you're in Austin, check out their tour dates in march.. nothing! SXSW maybe?