"You like to scare little children & I always felt like I was eleven" 


So picture the sound you would obtain if you had Nirvana, Hole and the Pixies and mix in your favorite band in your mothers favorite mixing bowl and popped it in the oven for 6 minutes at 666 degrees and you iced it with the blood of your past lovers and enemies well then darling you would have a SlothRust Cake. Somehow it's just good and it's crave-able ( is that a fucking word.. it is now). 

I ran into their little tune, "7:30AM" while binging You're the Worst on FXX and as much as I fucking loved that tune ( to the point I wouldn't even skip the intros to sing that one line 3 times ) it's probably one of their worst songs ( so you know every tune is so good) 

Buy some shit from them

Listen to CrockPot by SlothRust