The Arcs

It was a shitty morning, I may have had too many last night and my Alexa dot knew it...

First off I have a love hate relationship with Alexa. I love when she can understand what i'm trying to communicate like any pre SKYNET device should. We can spend hours together,  singling my favorite songs, listening to NPR, playing Jeopardy, checking the weather and just keeping the good times rolling. But I have a feeling Elon Musk was on to something when he said, we need to keep an eye on these little fuckers. 

In this case, her little shit show tantrum actually did some good and played a song FLOWER IN MY POCKET that made me stop stocking up canned goods and water for the END OF DAYS WAR OF MAN VS ROBOT and sit my ass down on my computer look up this band, order a vinyl and play so loud I got a visit from my neighbors neighbor. Great people, but man did they ruin a good fucking time. I was in the moment, playing air guitar like a mother fucking god.

I highly recommend The ARCS.