The Cribs

 "The Bloods" vs "The Cribs"

Ok, it's not the same spelling ("The Crips" is the name of the gang) but it reads well, and I mean well. I just want to give you some good tunes to listen to baby, from across the pond during afternoon tea darling.

 So when you have a few moments chap, in between football matches, ask Alexa, Cortana, Watson and even Siri to rip the sleeves off one of your oldest tees and queue these lads. Turn up your sound boxes, make sure you have room to shimmy, shake, sing, throw a few fist ( in the right crowd), chug a stout, skank, head bob, twist and I kinda even remember a DEATH WALL happening during a their SXSW showcase ( maybe thats a lie) and put your hands together and "Give it up for The Cribs, You're Gonna Loose Us!"

I could go on and tell you how cool it is that these guys have a Stubbs bbq wrist band on the inside sleeve of their compilation EP, "Payola," which I snagged two vinyls three years back for $40 each ( cough cough)  or how Johnny Marr was once part of this sound (yeah Morrissey) or how Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth laid out some slammed poetry over a track  but I won't. Take a listen. 

This music isn't for everyone. so

" I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it" 

Pink Snow Tune

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