Wild Child

"We're never who we think we are cause we were born to change our minds surprised that we don't give a damn about the friends we left behind " -

Left Behind on LP The Runaround

A few years back, sitting in my living room a friend said, "you should really give this band wild child a listen." I never thought to much of the comment until my good ol pal from Delta Spirit Matt V. was set to open a show for them at the Historic Scoot in back in October. So I took the week leading up to the show to listen and I just saturated my life with their tunes. By then they had THREE albums out ( do these kids not have jobs? If they can make a living doing this, power to them because they got "it") just enough tracks to soak up during my 2 hour "fuck I can't believe it's morning again" morning workday routine and the bike rides from and to the office through the mean streets of The University Of Texas, The Capital of Texas and Downtown Austin. By the day of the show, I had every tune memorized so I could sing along and somehow along the lines I forgot that Matt was opening. Sorry Matt. Still a big fan. Where the fuck am I going with this? 

This band creates moments in their songs and it's fucking addicting. I'm sure if you listen to them enough you may become tired of the perfect instrument play and their pretty voices and seamless writing but I haven't and the show was Oct 20th. So go catch them, buy a LP or two or Three and soon to be fourth ( popping out albums like my sisters popping out babies)