"Baby Farting Part 2" is nothing compared to this Docu...Mocu..whatever the fuck you wanna call it detective story about.. "WHO DREW THE DICKS on the teachers cars" that American Vandal Delivers. It whips those pink dicks out & just slaps your face around for 10 episodes. 

Being a fan of such appropriately named shows like, "American Horror Story" and "American Gods" and even "American Crime" I thought I was sitting in about to watch a good 90 minutes of detective work, a bloody body or two and of course filmed with some state of the art cameras and some baby bottom smooth editing. I would have been fine with that, these days that's run of the mill. Instead I got pink spray painted dicks, instagram footage from a senior high school party, "The Wayback Boys," and this little fucking Tom Brokaw wanna be who goes by the name "Peter Moldanado" telling the story and when it ended, I just wanted more...more pink spray painted dick episodes.

For the next week, anytime anyone brought up any binge watching I brought up the legend of the pink dicks from American Vandal. 

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