A dead cat, the GREENBELT and HYDE PARK while riding a bicycle!!

Movie Trailer

It's hard to find a movie that captures Austin. Slackers is probably one of the best known cult favorites that def got it right, and this little ditty did as well. To dressing up the Hyde Park Theatre, to tits at the greenbelt, to the line that describes Austin as "the Velvet Rhut" about 9 minutes in. Ambitions get lost here. 

I fucking loved this movie, you'll love it 2 if you're a comedian, if you own a cat, if you ride a bike, if you went to UT, if you're a girl, if you're a guy, if you like pot... pretty much 1.5 hours of good time. So strap up your boots, pour your favorite local wine, order in from Favor and do your thang girl. :)