Close your eyes and picture what Zoey Deschanel should sound like doing some P.I. work like Marvel's Jessica Jones and you have Starlee Kine's Mystery Show

Queue The Lonely Island Jizz In My Pants

It was sometime back in 2015 when I first got hook'ed ( zing Go Horns!) on Mystery Show. Season one (cough cough.. the only season) popped my podcast cherry with the nerdiest, nazzely lizpy but equally seductive voice of Starlee Kine. 

She held my ears down, whispered sweet words mixed with intriguing sound bites and music tid bits about strangers unsolved little mysteries and she had her way with my life's dead air moments and just like that I was a man!  Sadly, we both knew what we had was too good to be a "forever thing" and just as all good things come to an end so did our 6 episode tryst.   

She ghosted my eardrums but I'll never forget my first. Starlee if you're reading this, baby come back! My listening holes are yours for the taking. 

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